JavaScript Consultant 

We are looking for experienced JavaScript / React Developer(s) to work in our teams located at one of our clients in Malmö. The client is one of the biggest tech companies in the world
and we offer an agile environment and the chance to work with some of Scandinavia’s best JavaScript Developers. The candidate(s) we are looking for have a deep knowledge about
JavaScript and React, as well as a Computer Science background. If you have experience from data intense systems and GID/GeoData and Spatial Data it’s a big bonus.  

Work Duties 

● Work with all software development activities ranging from requirements gathering/interpreting, system design, coding and testing. 
● Write code that is clean, reusable and testable.
● Use Agile development approaches in development and delivery.
● Use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop high quality modern React applications.
● Communicate ideas, solutions and trade-offs with stakeholders, product owners, and  team members. Interact with and communicate effectively across multiple teams.
● Listen to feedback from end-users, application management, and stakeholders and improve software accordingly.
● Coach/mentor clients and peers in software methods, techniques/tools and share your knowledge. 
● Be an awesome colleague (team player, helpful, friendly, supporting, responsible/take ownership) 

Required Knowledge/skills 

● A passion for software development and writing well-crafted code.
● Excellent knowledge of JavaScript as a language (vanilla)
● Excellent knowledge of React and its surrounding eco-system, such as State Management and advanced concepts of React
● Skilled in algorithms and general aspects within Computer Science
● Skilled in weighing different architectural choices and understanding different implications of a choice.
● Excellent knowledge of client Web APIs (HTML5, BOM, DOM etc.) 
● Excellent understanding of technologies like Ajax, Web services, REST, HTTP etc. and their roles in the application stack. 
● Excellent knowledge about browser rendering inconsistencies.
● Good understanding of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation. Be able to create fault-tolerant software.
● Good understanding of ES6+ and transpilers
● Good understanding of modular design 
● Good understanding of Unit and Functional testing
● Good understanding of front-end performance aspects
● Good understanding of JavaScript design patterns.
● Experience using CSS3, CSS frameworks and preprocessors (Bootstrap, SASS, Compass).
● Experience building scripts and automation using tools like NPM, Gulp, Grunt etc 
● Experience using version control systems like GIT.
● Interest in or experience of lean/agile development methods/practices, such as unit- and functional testing, continuous integration, code reviews, refactoring, but also pair programming and test driven development.
● Strong communication skills, 
● Be curious, stay up to date and keep the team moving forward with current technology and industry news that is fitting for the task at hand. 

Good to Have 

● Active role in an open source project. (Contribute to open source projects and build things for fun in your own spare time). 
● Experience from developing systems with large quantities of data
● Experience from working with GIS, GeoData and Spatial Data
● Polyglot mind, knowledge and/or interest in other languages and platforms.
● Experience working with Node.js.
● Excellent knowledge creating responsive UIs for use across multiple platforms.
● Experience to work closely with UX/UI designers or taking an active part in their  work..
● Good understanding of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and build/release infrastructure related to those (TeamCity, Jenkins, GitLab etc.)
● Previous experience working as a consultant.
● Active in the community, speaker or attendee.
● Pet projects 


● 5+ years experience of working with developing web applications
● Degree in Computer Science or similar 

Application Form:



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