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Esparlous is an architectural firm, founded and located in Tehran, Iran. The company has a vision to become one of the recognized companies globally and an obvious development partner in Europe. Further, our goal is to contribute to and influence the development of the construction industry and deliver the highest possible level of architectural quality.

Our ambition throughout all stages of design and implementation is to help our clients to gain a higher quality of work and a better economic condition in their projects. It is even our intention to contribute to sustainable design and construction where economical, ecological, and social equity interests are taken into consideration.

We believe that constructability is a valid and relevant aspect in a construction process and thereby is a key factor which should be taken into consideration when it comes to the overall processes of any assignment, from inception phase to the completion and the closer phase. Therefore, our determination to support this principle remains consistent throughout all stages of design.

Organizational wise, our belief is that having a supportive organizational culture allows flair and the ability to flourish, what during the years has been resulted in a team consisted of talented, creative and motivated professionals. Thanks to this line of thought, today we are able to work with complex projects of various forms targeting different purposes which requires excellent creativity, cooperation, long standing experience, and advanced knowledge within the field.