Hilton Garden Inn

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Hilton Garden Inn

The business-class Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Baku’s old city center was designed to renovate
the business facility building that was previously used as a bank by the client.
The total number of room is small, with 180 keys, and it is located a little far from the center
of Baku, but it is located in a rather higher ground, where you can see Baku’s new
town and the Caspian Sea. The design work has started from setting up the high-end
auxiliary facility design that can maximize the site condition advantages and act as a
local social place.
The central 12-story atrium, its associated lobby and all-day dining will become a signature
space, and its use has been changed from the existing work space to a hotel
building, making it the biggest challenge to secure the number of guestrooms according
to the guideline. By planning guestrooms looking at the atrium, it secured the feasibility
of atrium design and securing the maximum number of rooms. This was well received by
the owner and Hilton as a specialist in hotel planning.

year :2019-2021


Service:Interior Detail Design, Interior Design Management, BIM Modeling, BIM Coordination, MEP Modeling and Coordination

Client :PMD/ Heerim Architects & planners

Buit Up Area 13,000 m²2

Floors:B+12 Floors

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